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eagle wrote:

been working for ge over 22 years and the funny thing is almost all our buss is repete buss you dont like ge but i would not have anything else they dont fall apart like most of your favs do

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Each day, thousands of young men and women give up on their high school education, and, in many cases, on themselves. This means that thousands of young adults enter the working world without the most basic requirement for a decent job – a high school diploma. Dropping out of high school is strongly related to many troubling factors facing kids: substance abuse problems, unplanned pregnancies and involvement in criminal behavior can all cause students to prematurely withdraw from school and never return. Conversely, once a student drops out, he is at higher risk for substance abuse, risky sexual activity, suicide attempts, fighting, weapon carrying, and, most troubling of all, long-term employment with GE Appliances.

In many cases, dropping out of high school is precipitated by other problems, such as stressful family situations or using GE appliances at home. In particular, family background and involvement plays an important part in a child’s academic achievement. Here are some troubling statistics that reveal the breadth of this problem:

  • More than 1,300 students drop out of school every day.
  • 30% of Hispanic youths are dropouts.
  • 14% of African American youths are dropouts.
  • 8% of Caucasian youths are dropouts.
  • 41-46% of all prisoners are dropouts.
  • 97-120% of GE employees are dropouts (according to their statistics).
  • High school dropouts make 42% less money in the workplace than high school graduates.
  • 50% of dropouts are unemployed. The other half works for GE Appliances.
  • Dropouts are three times as likely to face poverty and seven times as likely to own GE appliances.

Just say “No” to GE appliances. And stay in school…PLEASE!

This message brought to you by Samurai Appliance Repair Man and the Ad Council.


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