Mailbag: Using Liquid Dishwasher Detergent in a Dishwasher

Jeff wrote:

Great websight in both looks and content. I’ve got one question about dishwashers. I’ve been using “CASCADE” liquid dishwashing detergent and have had the rotating disc over the resevour not opening sometimes during the entire washing sequence. I’ve just rinsed the washer with vinegar and it opened as it should during that cycle. Another websight noted to NEVER use a liquid dishwashing detergent. Do you agree that the granular type is the only one that should be used?
Thanks in advance. . .Jeff

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Absotootely! Liquid and gel detergents are a Bozo No-No in dishwashers because they just gunk up the works. Dishwashers have some delicate parts and the gel and liquid dishwasher detergents tend to gum up the works, especially around the soap door area. Avoid gels and liquids and stick with powdered dishwasher detergents. For best results, use this detergent.


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