Mailbag: Whirlpool/Kenmore Dryer Squeals

Janet wrote:

ok – I just wish for the free beer. Since I’m eight months pregnant, perhaps you could consume one (or more) on my behalf oh samurai!

Your site rocks and I was just looking for one additional point of clarification. I have a less than one year old Kenmore dryer. If the idler pulley bearing needs to be replaced (my guess based on the high screeching noise at the beginning of the cycle), can the dryer safely be used for a few loads of laundry or should I go to the laundromat until the weekend when I have time to fix it?

Thanks for your help oh wise one.

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whirlpool/kenmore dryer repair kit--come git you one
Dryer squeals at start.
Run a little: that’s ok.
Buy repair kit now!

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Footnote: if your dryer is really less than one year old then fuggetaboutit–you should call for authorized warranty service so you don’t void the warranty.


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