Mailbag: GE/Hotpoint Dryer (Old Style) Squeals

Mark Ratcliff wrote:

Hi Samurai!
Cool Website, dude! I found it by doing a search in AltaVista.
Right to my problem….
I own a GE electric dryer, model number DDE7100MCLWH. Yesterday when my wife was drying a load of clothes (3 small kids = tons of laundry!) the dryer starting making a real high-pitched squealing noise. Very annoying. I, in my infinite wisdom (lol), proceeded to turn it off and on several times, thinking that might fix it. Of course it didn’t – duh. The unit still works perfectly, in terms of it still goes thru its entire cycle, and still dries clothes perfectly. It just does all this with a blood-curdling high-pitched annoying whine and squeal. I’d like to fix this myself so as not to blow the family budget this month (and to quiet down my wife)! I navigated around your amazing website (tons of content, my head started spinning!), got sort of confused (is it the belt or pulley or roller? etc, etc), and decided to begin my Repair Quest with a personal email to You. Please advise and lead me from here, Oh Great Repair One.
Please email me at above address as soon as you can. It is greatly appreciated.
Mark Ratcliff
Mountville, PA

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GE/Hotpoint Drum Rear Bearing and Post Kit
Figure 1
GE/Hotpoint Front Drum Glides
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GE/Hotpoint Dryer Belt
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GE/Hotpoint Dryer Repair Manual
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