Mailbag: Oven Electronic Control Board is Broken and No Longer Available

Barbara wrote:

I have a GE oven, which, as you know, sucks ass. The control panel part needs to be replaced (the oven still works, but beeps incessantly if the power is on) I have just learned that GE no longer makes the part, so their only recommendation is that the oven must be replaced. The oven is 10 years old, so not new, but certainly not so old it should be replaced (and, as mentioned previously, it still works) One additional problem: GE has since changed all the sizes of their ovens, so no new oven will fit in the hole for the current oven. I am essentially stuck remodeling the entire kitchen if I cannot find this stinkin’ $100 part!!! I will never buy another GE again!! I haven’t had any luck finding the part – online parts sellers seem only to stock currently manufactured parts. Do you have any suggestions for anyplace to look for this thing. Thanks for reading, Barbara

P.S. The part number is WB7X7213. The oven is model JTP11WS2WG. Thanks!

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Oh, star-crossed Grasshopper, like so many other GE appliance owners, you have walked into the valley of the shadow of appliance death. The all-touchy, all-feely, all-smelly Samurai feels your pain and shares your erudite assessment of GE appliances.

The control panel itself is probably fine–what you really need is the electronic range control board, WB27X5482. But this is academic since it also is no longer available (NLA). Welcome to the forsaken world of orphaned appliances.

Wait! What’s that over there! A glimmer of hope? The Holy Grail? Perhaps. Here are three outfits that specialize in repairing oven timers and control boards and snatching older ranges from the jaws of NLA-hell:

One of those guys should be able to fix that board for you. Keep the faith and you’ll soon be baking cookies in your oven again.


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