Mailbag: Asko Dishwasher Meltdown

Ann wrote:

I have a 6 yr old ASKO dishwasher. All the insulation melted down causing a flood. It now is so loud it sounds like a MACK Truck. They are giving me the runaround. Any advice or have you heard of similar problems.

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There’s a saying among us professional Appliantologists, “Asko? Oh, no!” Even the Samurai cringes when he gets a service call for an Asko. Their dishwashers are famous in the repairing community as electrical nightmares–their defining characteristic is spontaneous combustion.

Asko, Bosch…why do people buy these freakin’ furrin’ brands? Is it an image thang? Well, for that image you pay twice as much for a dishwasher that breaks down twice as often, takes twice as long to get parts for, and costs twice as much to repair.

I don’t know what part melted on your Asko-oh no dishwasher, but my recommendation would be the same no matter what it is: junk it and go buy a Whirlpool or Kitchenaid dishwasher. A really, really good and quiet one will run you about $500. If you want the stainless steel interior (though, I don’t see the point of this for a residential dishwasher) it’ll run you a few hundred more.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!


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