Mailbag: Slow Water Flow into a Washer, Part II

Diane wrote:

Elder Samurai,
I came upon this site and was delited to see how informative it is. I have a problem with slow (hot) water flow into my cloths washer. I took the hot water hose off to look at the filter screen in the inlet valve as you suggested and it looked ok???? Do I have to remove the inlet valve gadget from the washer to check a different part of it? I’m still searching your site to see if I find more but I keep getting side tracked reading other stuff and have not found anything. Thank you, Grasshopper Diane

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Konichiwa, grasshopper. While pondering your dilemma, I peered deeply into my steaming cup of green tea and perceived the solution to your problem. Now, snatch the pebbles from my hand and restore harmony to your washer.


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