Mailbag: Burner Indicator Stays Lit on an Electric Range

Dana wrote:

LAst nite my stove arc’d and popped a breaker. I checked it out and it appeared that I needed to replace the receptacle for the 8″ burner. I replaced it today, and now the burner indicator lite will not stay off. The burners all appear to be working and I am not seeing any other problems.

Is there a reset switch? Is something else damaged? Is it safe to leave the breaker on?

It is an older Whirlpool freestanding range.

Thank you so much.


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Congratulations on replacing the burner receptacle yourself! The problem with the burner indicator is that one of your surface burner infinite switches is burned out–probably the same one that connects to the burner receptacle that you replaced. This page explains how to check out the infinite switch.


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