Mailbag: How to Get Help With Your Appliance Problem

Diane wrote:

I truly seek the Holy Grail– which as far as I can tell must be some special tool. Not THAT kind of tool, you testosterone freak. I am trying to clean my cooktop, and the burners have those elevated grills that the pots sit on. Under them are those black rubber seal-rings and they are the devil to get back on. Help! Is there some trick?

Thank you!
Damsel in Distress in CA

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There’s always a trick! And it all starts with your model number, which you conspicuously omitted. No brand, either. But, I’ll use my psychotic powers to divine the brand and model number. Ok, here goes…dayyam, it didn’t work. Guess I’ll need you to tell me that stuff after all.

Folks, if you want me to help you with appliance problems, which I’m happy to do, my virile and bountiful diagnostic powers are rendered impotent and flaccid without a valid model number. And, please, before you give me a model number that turns out to be gobbledy-gook, follow these guidelines for reading and reporting model numbers. Mucho Domos!


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