Mailbag: Toaster Repair

ken kutzleb wrote:

I have a GE toaster oven, model 116932. The thermostat broke. It is a poor quality piece. I don’t want to replace it to have it break again. Can you suggest another one to replace ti with? thnaks Ken

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If you’d like to try repairing it, Mr. Harvey and Martha have lots of good toaster repair information. Or, you could buy a Black and Decker toaster.


2 thoughts on “Mailbag: Toaster Repair

  1. byrd

    I have a like new Delongi CT200 toater but it is out of warranty. the lever to bring bread down into toaster won/t hold in down position. it appears to be an electro- magnetic contact that doesn’t activate to hold basket down. DO YOU HAVE ADVICE FOR ME THANKS Ed

  2. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Since you asked…

    I don’t what people are thinking when they buy these fancy toasters. IT’S A TOASTER! Get the cheapest one you can find. When it breaks, you throw it out and buy another one for $15.

    Same thing with toaster ovens, which I use all the time. I paid $30 for a stainless steel Black and Decker toaster oven. Have used it everyday for almost two years. It owes me nothing– if it were to break tomorrow, I consider that I have extracted maxium return on investment from that appliance. I will sentimentally retire it to the garbage can and go buy a new one at the local hardware store.

    Small appliance repair is a trade that has gone the way of the shoe cobbler or the VCR repair shop and long ago was swept away by the mongol horde of cheap appliances. You can’t fight economics and a trade that can’t charge enough to support a business will wither.

    Keep this in mind when you plunk down big coin on a small appliance: you will have a hard time finding the information or expertise to repair it and could be left with an expensive door stop.

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