Mailbag: Maytag Neptune Machine Control Board R11 Burned Out…Again

David Schmidt wrote:

After 3 years of dependable service my machine decided not to spin. Thanks to the internet I thought I tracked the problem to the Wax Motor causing the R11 to burn out. Well, I replaced both the R11 and the Wax Motor and the resistor blew again. Can you tell me what I might have missed? Could something else have caused the R11 to blow? I don�t want to spend $181 on a control board to have it blow again. You can email me at *****@*******.***


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Looks like Ol’ Lonely is at it again. According to Maytag’s Technical Bulletin TDL-0052-B, replacing the wax motor along with the machine control board is the prescribed corrective action for a burned out R11. This machine is such an electronic abortion that even Maytag’s engineers haven’t fathomed all of its myriad failure modes.

First, I’d go back to Maytag and tell them they should send you a replacement machine control board because you just replaced it along with the wax motor per their technical bulletin and the board blew again. I think an argument can be made that the board was defective and they should send you a new one under warranty. Most parts have a 90-day to a year warranty, anyway.

Anticipating that you’ll not have much satisfaction dealing with the Customer Disservice Reps at Maytag, you could try repairing your existing board instead of spending almost $200 on a replacement.

Lock n’ load!


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