New and Improved Appliance Repair Hotline!

So, I’m doing an ‘xpearmint with a new appliance repair hotline system. This one isn’t toll-free, but it’s more than just a voicemail system, too. With this system, if I’m available, you’ll talk to me real-time when you call. If I’m not available, you can leave a voicemail message.

The purpose of the Appliance Repair Hotline is, and has always been, to help you find the resources here at Samurai Appliance Repair Man so you can fix your appliances. I can point you in the right direction in your repair and give my opinion on what the problem might be. If it turns out you need detailed instructions on an appliance repair problem, we can continue our discussion either in the repair forum or in a Live Help session.

Here’s how the new Appliance Repair Hotline works:

  • Call the Appliance Repair Hotline Number: 1-775-244-6321.
  • You’ll hear a greeting telling you you’ve reached Samurai Appliance Repair Man and to leave a message.
  • Just start talking, as though you’re leaving a voicemail message. If I’m available, I’ll pickup the phone while you’re talking and we’ll talk about your appliance problem.
  • If I’m not available, continue leaving your message.
  • Your message can only be one minute long, and I get lots of voicemail, so please keep it short and sweet:
  • Name. First name is all I need and don’t bother spelling your name–that just wastes time.
  • Phone number. Say it twice and only give one number. Your phone number is the only thing you should say twice in your entire message.
  • Type and brand of appliance. Don’t waste time leaving the model number on voicemail. If it’s a cooking appliance or a dryer, state whether it’s gas or electric.
  • A brief problem description.
  • A poetic expression of your great love and adoration for the Samurai, preferably a haiku rendered in traditional 5-7-5 meter. This is entirely optional; however, four out of five dentists agree that it does expedite my return call to you.
  • After you leave a message, I’ll be notified of your voicemail at my cell phone and I’ll return your call as soon as I can, usually within 24 hours.
  • I’ll try new this system out for a while and, if it seems to work well, I’ll replace the present toll-free voicemail system in favor of this one. Ok, talk to you later.


    2 thoughts on “New and Improved Appliance Repair Hotline!

    1. Anonymous

      nice web page. good style and content.
      I do live in NH but a bit far away from you for a service call.
      found any answer for the leaking refridge problem so will give it a try.

    2. Anonymous

      I’m a maintenance super in Texas and my stumbling on to your site was purely accidental as I entered one of my passwords into the domain slot. Low and behold, this site reared it’s bizzar yet unusually compelling head. I will be visiting this uniquely enventive creation of yours again very soon. Thank you for making my morning a bit more interesting than the norm.

      Very Sicerely,
      Chris Z -FabCorp-Houston

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