Mailbag: No-Spin and a Burnt R43 on a Maytag Neptune Washer

Jamie wrote:

I just wanted to let you know that your site is awesome. I
have a maytag neptune and your site pointed me in the right
direction to fixing the problem. I had the same no spin
problem. I also had a burnt out R43. I believe that the R43
gets burnt out if there’s another problem with the machine.
After finding this, I then checked the motor control board
and found that the fuse had completely melted. I tried
replacing the fuse but that didn’t work. Anyhow after
contacting they told me to replace the
motor control board AND to get the motor replaced because a
new motor and a AC filter was needed to stop the problem
from happening again. Just thought you would like to know!
All the best. Jamie

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This is a great update to my War Story on this very problem. As chronicled there, I also saw a burnt R43 on the machine control board in a Maytag Neptune stack laundry unit with a no-spin complaint.

Maytag lists the common-fail resistors on the machine control board and their associated washer components in Technical Bulletin TDL-0052-B. R11 is associated with the door latch switch and is almost always found to be burnt when diagnosing the infamous and pervasive no-spin complaints on this washer that dares not speak its name; R43 is not even listed in the bulletin.

Apparently, this problem with the burnt R43 on the machine control board has eluded even those titans of engineering at Maytag–actually not too surprising considering that this machine is a monument to contemporary appliance engineering incompetence. So, this means we’re all on a journey of discovery together–thanks for adding your glimmer of light to the dim flicker of understanding that we all have about this machine. Hey, maybe if some Maytag engineers read this they’ll explain the burnt R43 problem in a future service bulletin…if they figure it out.


2 thoughts on “Mailbag: No-Spin and a Burnt R43 on a Maytag Neptune Washer

  1. ann j

    Thanks for your wonderful site. Too bad I didn’t see it BEFORE purchasing a Neptune front loader…I have a bad motor control board and after reading what has happened to other Neptune owners am reluctant to fix this machine…what is your advice to the multitude of ripped off Neptune owners??? Do we send this junk to the dump??? What about the top loader offered in the settlement? Any word on their reliability???? Too bad Maytag won’t stand behind their products…

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