Appliance Repair Revelation: How Does that Dryer Belt Go Back On?

appliance tip of the day archiveWhen your dryer drum isn’t turning anymore, it’s usually a broken belt. Tearing the dryer apart is usually straight-forward enough but stringing the new belt on the motor and idler pulley can be tricky. This handy little picture shows the proper belt configurations for eight different makes of dryers. Your dryer is most likely included in this picture.

Didn’t see yours? No worries, mate. Check out the complete encyclopedia of dryer belt configurations.

I have more detailed photos illustrating the dryer belt configurations here for

Need a belt for your dryer? We got ’em for every brand and model you can imagine right here.

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6 thoughts on “Appliance Repair Revelation: How Does that Dryer Belt Go Back On?

  1. Anonymous

    Great service, I was about ot pull my hair out when I found your site. Had the dryer fixed and running in 20 minutes after seeing how to route the ——- belt


  2. Anonymous


    you own me.. thank you for your help. im the person that ppl. always ask “do you need me to draw you a picture?” your old skool g.e. dryer belt config saved all the cats in my yard a good ass-kickin. j/k.. you rule!!

    chef p

  3. Pastor Boeck

    Thank you for your service. My nephew, quite handy in his own right, was having fits trying to install a replacement belt on our 10-year old GE Electric Dryer. We found your site just by entering “Dryer Belt Replacement” in Google. Scrolling down the page we saw the belt replacement section and one look at your picture showing the belt’s configuration told him all he needed to know. Thanks for your willingness to serve others.

    God bless your day and your service to others.

    Rev. Richard J. Boeck, Jr.
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

  4. Anonymous

    Your website is a GODSEND to me! My dryer had been out of commish for way too long.I waited and waited for the hubsand to fix it for me for well over a month. I was getting so sick and tired of hauling the laundry to the coin-laundry in town to dry each week,so I took the old broken belt and bought a replacement.I was ready to rock and roll with it when I got home butttt I realized that I had no idea what to do to install it,so I had done a web search and I found your website. Soon I was back in the comforts of my own home drying my laundry! Thanks so much for your site! I bookmarked it just incase I need it for future home appilance repair. Let’s just hope I won’t have to use it, except to recommend to family and friends that is.

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