Mailbag: GE Profile Oven with Error Codes

Kazantzakis wrote:

Read the mailbag about error code F7 on GE profile oven. My board on JTP56COD1CC has gone crazy with spurious messages and numbers. Replaced the board.(rip off cost) Worked fine for a couple of weeks and now the same problem. GE has a problem which is now my problem. From Kyoto Meditation Center of Texas.

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Not sure which mailbag post you read, but if you had read this one, you must have glossed over my admonition in the last paragraph:

It’s important that you don’t skimp the disconnect test because there’s a big difference in price between the ERC and touch pad. So, you want to be right on this one…

I can tell you that in my vast and awesome experience, the problem almost always turns out to be the keypad, not the electronic control board. However, I never, EVER skimp on doing the 24-hour disconnect test that I so eloquently explain in my illuminating post. To do so would be in violation of the Samurai’s Cardinal Law of Appliance Repair: Thou shalt not replace a part unless you have proof that the part is bad.

Many times, while on a service call, I’ll quote the repair price to the customer after I’ve diagnosed the problem and the customer will ask, “How much is the part?” Yanno, any imbecile with a credit card can buy a part, but it takes a highly-trained imbecile to know which part to change and how to install it correctly. How much is that worth? Meditate on that.

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