Mailbag: Maytag Dryer Belt Replacement Tip

Goldenwoody wrote:

One thing you might mention in your incredibly helpful guide to the Maytag
Dryer belt
is that the evil geniuses at Maytag made a grove in the drum very close
to where the belt is supposed to run. If(make that when) the belt falls into
that groove while replacing the belt or idler wheel, when you put it back on it
will seem as though you have not properly looped it around the motor and idler
wheel, even when you have. It will seem as if the belt is (has somehow become)
too long, and drags against the alignment slot, until you rotate the drum
enough to get the belt out of the groove and up on the drum, where it belongs. I
respectfully suggest you might add this tidbit to your otherwise excellent

Now, my belt is back on. The dryer is running smoothly without banshee squeel.
Spouse is happy. Back to my quest for free beer!

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Good comment–consider it added.

Remember, also, that on Maytag dryers, the smooth side of the belt goes against the drum.


One thought on “Mailbag: Maytag Dryer Belt Replacement Tip

  1. Anonymous


    What a misdirection on the groove on the drum. Thought I had somehow “missed” a loop on the idler wheel.

    Thanx (Domo Arigato Gozaimas)Samurai Appliance Man


    Less Stressed in DeSoto, TX

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