Americans and Amerikans

With samurai precision, Anthony Gregory separates the wheat from the chaff, the Americans from the Amerikans.

[T]hroughout its early history, America was great to the extent that the
government was limited, and kept out of people’s affairs. America was tarnished and
bloodied to the extent that government grew and gained power. The same is true
today, when we have a much larger government than even the least libertarian
Founding Fathers would have ever imagined or desired. To the extent that America
is now great, it is because of what government doesn’t do, not what it does.
And today’s nationalists are not cheering on America when they cheer on the
police-warfare state and lash out at its critics. They are cheering on Amerika —
the nationalized, bureaucratized, militarized version of our country. [read more]


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