Mailbag: E1 – F5 Fault Code on a Kenmore Range

My relatively new Kenmore Gas Oven (Model #665 75824000) produces an error code
whenever we try to use the self cleaning feature. After setting up the oven to
begin self clearning the following error code shows up on the LCD.
E1 – F5 –

Can someone tell me what this means and if it’s possible for me to fix this ?

THanks !

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Oh! Oh! I know the answer, call on me!

Using the magical model number decoder, I cleverly discern that Whirlpool is the manufacturer of your Kenmore range. On all Whirlpool ranges, the E1 – F5 fault code (which, according to the commutative property of fault codes, is the same as the F1 – E5 code) means a problem with the door lock switch. Could be a bent latch or latch assembly that’s not actuating the latch switch correctly or that the latch switch itself is bad. Check the door switch, too.

Possible to fix? Unfortunately, you’ll have the throw the range out and buy a new one.

Or, you could use use your multimeter to check it out and buy the the replacement part (switch or latch assembly, as indicated by the sparkling troubleshooting that I know you’ll do).


5 thoughts on “Mailbag: E1 – F5 Fault Code on a Kenmore Range

  1. Molly

    our self cleaning Kenmore oven is showing a error sign in the window that it shows us digitally what the temperature is when we hit bake, it shows f3. Our model # is 9118369180 and our serial # is 0 or D and then f64425. We are thinking maybe it needs cleaned but we are not sure how to run that cycle, can you be of some help?

  2. filterit

    After calls to Sears and lengthy research on the net, I was able to fix the E1-F5 error code on my Kenmore range. This appeared after a normal self-clean cycle and the unit remained locked. Remove the back panel (after unplugging) and unhook all connectors and harnesses. What ever combination I used worked, and the unit reset and unlocked. Replace panels, and relax knowing you just saved over $200!

  3. lwelcome

    ok the E1 F5 door in locked position 4 days before Thanksgiving. OUCH ! Kenmore error message. Disconnected and reconnected power, no go. So we called the appliance company where we bought the stove. The price for them to come out was to expensive. We first fliped the breaker to the stove to off, then pulled the stove out, unpluged the stove, took off the back, figured out where the cam for the door was, on our stove left side. Moved the cam which moved the rod which is somehow connected to front door. Opened, error message gone, we will never use self cleaning again. Make sure you disconnect all power, we flipped the breaker and pulled the plug. We did not reconnect until the back was screw on again.

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