Mailbag: Whirlpool/Kenmore Calypso CE Error

kenmore calypso washer wrote:

Can I do anything to correct a CE error on a kenmore calyspso washer before calling for service.
A frustrated layman????

PS the machine is 18 months old and is just out of warranty. can you suggest any help to honor the warranty after being out of warranty. It is probably an electronic component.

Thanks Your my “LAST SAMURAI” help


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Alas, another unsuspecting Calypso owner. The problem you’re having now is the first of many that you’ll have with this washer. Go ahead and buy the repair manual now–you’ll need it.

The CE error stands for “Communications Error” and refers to a breakdown in communications between the machine controller and the motor controller. In practical terms, this problem is usually caused by a bad wire connection. The most common trouble spot is the quick disconnect at the motor connector–I’ve seen this problem a lot. Usually, if you just take off the connector and re-attach it, that clears it up… IF the appliance gods are grinning down upon you. But, you may not be so lucky and you may have to make a sacrifice in the temple of Appliantology to appease the appliance gods. Y’see, lots of other things can cause the CE error, too.

motor controller board on the calypso washer--come git you one!For ezzample, another common problem is a blown fuse on the motor controller board. Unfortunately, this ain’t a trivial repair like re-seating the quick-disconnect plug at the motor connector. Nawsir, in this case, you gotta replace the entire motor controller board.

Now, you might delude yourself into thinking you’re being all slick and clever by replacing just the fuse and save a wad of moola. Oh, my, but how I giggle and nearly wet myself when disheartened grasshoppers tell me of their folly in replacing the fuse on the motor control board only to end up with a burned out motor, too! Good times, good times.


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  1. Anonymous

    I had the same CE problem with my Kenmore Calypso…I was livid when I read that I should probably just buy a new one compared to the expense. But, I figured I would have Sears repair atleast look at it. The guy fixed it, he said there can 4 different problems with them. He had to replace something underneath…grand total…428.46. All waived because Sears has a special Calypso repair program. If you have this problem definitly call sears repair. Had I had to pay for that I would of opted for a new dryer. He also told me ALL computer like paneled washer and dryers are more problematic than the old turn the knob kind.
    –Jamie is Happy in NC now!

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