Appliantology Repair Forum: Glitch or Hack?

Somehow, almost two months worth of posts were deleted from the repair forum at the Appliantology Group. This is an extremely active forum with dozens of posts per day. You’ll notice that the most recent post (after the current ones) are dated 11-30-2004. I have no idea how all those posts got deleted but I do know that neither myself nor any of the group assistant managers deleted all those posts. As incredible as it sounds that a Microsoft product might have a glitch, I can only assume that this is exactly what happened in this case. I’ve sent an email to MSN Groups help and am optimistic that I’ll get a reply soon, maybe even within the next 12 months. I’ll keep you posted.

The more insidious possibility is that the group was hacked. Even though this is a free repair forum where other techs and I donate our time and expertise to help people fix their own appliances without charging a dime, I will not tolerate this kind of vandalism– if indeed it is. So I am putting up my own money as a reward to help nail one of these hacker punks.

If you have personal knowledge that the Appliantology Group was hacked, I am offering a cash reward of $1,000 if you can provide the proof that will allow me to prosecute and convict the dirtbag perpetrator.

Thanks for your help.


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