Stranger in the Night

“An East Feliciana Parish woman fired a bullet into the chest of a man
who had broken into her farmhouse, then fought off his beating until
the man died from the gunshot wound. Georgia Belle Sullivan says she
was sleeping before dawn yesterday when her dogs’ barking woke her up.
She retrieved her gun, then saw a shadow move behind a line of chairs.
She told authorities that’s when a man lunged at her. She fired once
at close range … In the beating after the shooting, Sullivan
suffered bruises to her face and elsewhere, and lacerations on her
arms. Sullivan says the gun discharged several more times during the
struggle. She says when Sanford realized he was hit, he told her his
name, asked her not to shoot him again and he let her go.” [read more]

They didn’t say what kind of gun she used, but I can guaran-damn-tee you she wasn’t using a 12 ga. shotgun. I have always maintained that the venerable 12 ga. with 00 buck shot is THE best weapon for home defense.

the bamboo reveals all
12-Gauge Encounter

Nightime intruder.
Grab the 12 gauge. Chink-chink.
Boom! Lights out, mofo.


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