Appliance Repair Revelation, Opening the Maytag Neptune Washer

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If you have the supreme misfortune of owning a Maytag Neptune washer, sooner or later you’re going to need to open the front to gain access to a couple of the more common fail items such as the door latch assembly, the tub boot, or the pump. Fortunately, this beast comes apart pretty easily… if you know the trick. Hey, this is appliance repair, it’s all about tricks. And the Samurai is here to reveal these tricks unto thee, for it is written, “And ye shall know the tricks, and the tricks shall save you a service call fee.”

I have some some cabinet disassembly information ratcheer.

Ok, tear ’em up, Hoss.

grasshoppers visualizing opening the Maytag Neptune washer without tearing it up


2 thoughts on “Appliance Repair Revelation, Opening the Maytag Neptune Washer

  1. Anonymous

    Hello, I need some help. I have a MAH5500BWW. Just bought a new house and it came with it, now I know why. Anyway, my wife started a load of close and I believe it filled, but wouldn’t start washing. It gives us two codes: do and FL. Both mean the door isn’t closed or won’t lock. Here is the kicker, the door is closed and locked such that we can’t open it. The manual says to hit pause and let it sit for 30 seconds and open and close the door. Guess what, that doesn’t work. So how can I get the door open when the door mechanism is locked? How do I fix this???? HELPPPPPP!!!! Thanks

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