How to Know that a Range ERC is Bad

F1 on a Magic Chef Range

Emily wrote:

Regarding the F1 Error Code on the Magic Chef Gas Range. I got this error
code, did my online research and found that it was either the touch membrane or the
ERC (I think in my case they cannot be disconnected from each other). I did
the test and based on the results, concluded that the ERC was bad. So I ordered
a $140 new ERC, installed it, and lo and behold — it wasn’t the ERC. I did
more reading and based on your message from Jeff about his F1 error code on his
Magic Chef, I decided to try the sensor ($40). It turned out to be the sensor
after all. I just wonder why all the tables that show error codes for Magic
Chef / Maytag gas ranges don’t say that F1 can also be due to a bad sensor. Is
there a way to give this feedback to Maytag so they will consider it and modify
their chart? I am out $140 extra because of this.



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Ahh, Grasshoppah, the arcane art of deciphering range error codes is one that has eluded even experienced Appliantologists. I have even heard rumors that appliance manufacturers have competitions amongst themselves to see who can come up with the most diverse and confusing array of range fault codes. But let me address one important point you raised in your plaintive plea for wisdom: replacing parts that turn out to be good.

In most cases, simple tests can be performed to positively show a part is bad. However, in the case of oven ERCs, this may not be so easy. Unless I have the actual tech sheet which definitively tells me what the error codes are, I must sometimes summon my awesome powers of deduction to discern whether or not the ERC is bad. In most cases, you can accomplish this by testing three things:

If those check out, then you can conclude the problem is either in the touchpad or the ERC board itself. In some cases, as in your range, the ERC and touchpad are a single unit; in other models, they can be replaced separately.

What’s that you say: all this sounds too complicated for you? There, there, my leetle Grasshopper, the Samurai has just what you need. Did you know that if you buy your appliance parts from my parts partner that you can return any part for any reason? Yes, and this includes electronic boards that you’ve already installed. Oui, Papa! So, go crazy and buy all the parts you think you’ll need and then simply return the ones you don’t for a refund. It gives a whole new justification for shotgun parts changing, don’t you think?


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