Three Easy Steps to Total Washing Machine Flood Prevention

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard from clients who’ve told me about a washing machine flood horror story. In one case, my client had an upstairs laundry and the washing machine overfilled. Naturally, she had left the house and came back home to over $20,000 worth of water damage to her home. Here are three easy steps to keep this from happening to you.

Install Floodstop on Your Washer Water Supply Valves

FloodstopThis system is awesome! Installs in just a few minutes by simply unscrewing your washer fill hoses, installing the solenoid valves, and then plugging in the sensor. It works by sensing water beneath the washer that shouldn’t be there from overfilling, burst hoses, whatever, and then it shuts off the water supply. Slick!

Install Steel-Braided Fill Hoses on Your Washer

steel braided washer fill hosesIf you’re still using those cheap black rubber hoses (like most folks), you’ve got a time bomb in your laundry room. Unless you diligently shut off the water to your washer after each and every use, it’s just a matter of time before one of those hoses bursts. These steel-braided fill hoses are the cheapest and best flood insurance you can buy!

Place a Leak-Catcher Beneath Your Washer

washing machine leak catcherIf you have an upstairs laundry, you can protect that nice floor from being damaged by soapy, scummy washer water with this handy, easy-to-install leak catcher.

Ok, three easy steps to total flood prevention from the most flood-prone appliance in your home: your washing machine. And all this for less than $150. Like I’m tellink you, dahling, it’s such a bahgain!


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