Replacing the Motor in a Maytag Dryer

Bucky wrote:

How do I change the motor in a Maytag Dryer Model# MDE9306AYA, oh great Samurai? And also, oh great one, which side of the belt goes against the dryer drum, ribbed or flat side? Domo orogato!! You are ichi bon. I love you no shit. Fried or steamed?

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Motor for Maytag DryerFirst step to replacing the motor is to tear down the dryer. You’ll also need to remove the blower wheel. With all the guts torn out of the dryer, you have unencumbered access to the motor. You will replace the old motor with the new motor that you bought here, which helps to support all this free help you get here at the colossus of appliance repair websites.

I also have a handy page of belt configurations for all dryers, including yours. On older Maytag dryers, the flat side of the belt goes against the drum.

Even in the worst of conditions, this repair rates a mere three mugs on the SUD-o-meter. Piece of pie, comrade!

Steamed, please. And shaken, not stirred.


2 thoughts on “Replacing the Motor in a Maytag Dryer

  1. Eric Longman

    I replaced the motor on my Maytag dryer a couple of months ago. Not too bad, but be prepared for a minor fight pulling the tabs that hold down the motor and putting them back in. You may also run into problems with the pulley on the end of the motor; some people suggested ordering a new one when you order the motor. For more details, see this thread on the old Appliantology forums. Hope that helps.

    Eric Longman

  2. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Great comments, Eric, thank you!

    And a valid observation on the dryer pulley– I forgot to add that in the original post, thanks for bringing it up. About half the time, I run into problems getting the pulley off. I always keep a spare one on the van incase I need it.

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