Mailbag: GE Dishwashers Flooding

Bernard wrote:

Over the past year, at least 3 GE Model ZBD4800 dishwashers in our condo complex failed to cycle properly and stuck on water. Water flowed from the dishwasher onto the floor and from there down the inside of walls to apartments underneath. We seldom use our dishwasher and after 5 months of non-use the timer control on our own dishwasher stuck on wash (water re-cycling inside the chamber). What are your thoughts on cause? preventive maintenance?




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I think this is happening because they’re cheap GE dishwashers. When these condos were built, the contractor installed the cheapest appliances he could get. This is always GE because GE has a contractor’s discount program. Let’s face it: the builder doesn’t give a rat’s hairy hind end about the quality of the appliance, he just wants to get the damn thing built and sold at a tidy profit. And anything that costs extra cuts into his profit.

Enter GE appliances.

So that’s what you’re dealing with: cheap GE junk. Oops! Saying GE and junk is redundant, pardon me for repeating myself.


2 thoughts on “Mailbag: GE Dishwashers Flooding

  1. ffgds

    Whirlpool, by all means, is not a quality applaince maker at all.
    General Electric (GE) is the only manufacturer that is reliable.
    GE’s “cheap” dishwashers are not cheap in quality: I’ve bought a $119 dollar GE dishwasher fifteen years ago and it still works just fine– I still have it to this last minute, repair-free.
    The condo renters aren’t maintaining them!

    The condo rentert

  2. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    A lot changes in 15 years. Fifteen years ago, I would have agreed with you. I’m talking about the cheap GE junk that I go out and service everyday.

    But, hey, you’re right: what do I know? I only fix appliances of all brands for a living… and I don’t rent a condo.

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