GE: Bringing Anything-but-Good Appliances to Life

For years now at this website, I have warned grasshoppers about GE Appliances. I warn my local service call customers, too. But, people keep buying GE because they sell ’em cheap at Home Despot or because builders get ’em at rock-bottom prices. Even GE’s supposedly higher-end appliances suck out loud. Oh, but don’t just take it from me. Frustrated and angry GE appliance owners are organizing and fighting back in a David vs. Goliath class-action court battle. More power to ’em; they woulda been a helluva lot better off buying Whirlpool but, hey, I ain’t one to say, “I told ya so.”

If you’re another one of the poor schlumps who bought GE appliances, you might wanna check out BringGoodThingsToLife.Org.


4 thoughts on “GE: Bringing Anything-but-Good Appliances to Life

  1. BringGoodThingsToLife.Org

    Great Samurai,

    Thank you for your Pearl this evening citing our website What we thought was a problem in one development has turned into a multi-state investigation culminating in a class action suit. More than 40 separate communities from 3 counties in SW Florida were represented at our meeting today!

    May I have your permission to link to your website? You have a great deal of valuable information that could help our members while we ‘fight the good fight’.


    Nancy Grogan


  2. ann j

    Great Samurai
    The LAWYERS will reap the benefit of this class action suit like they did in the Neptune settlement. The ripped off party gets a “certificate” good for a certain amount of money towards a new Neptune TOP LOADER! MOST of us CAN’T USE a top loader…perhaps the GE folks and the Neptune folks can get together and get coverage on one of the MAJOR networks…other wise I wish the GE owners more luck than the Maytag owners…..
    ann j

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