Laundry Room Bliss

Hampster wrote:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Yesterday as I sat here relishing in the bliss that was the 1st day of my vacation (screaming toddler & 5 loads of laundry) I became painfully aware of just how loud that dryer had become. I surmised that the problem involved whatever it is that the drum rides on. Thanks to your site I was able to rip that sucka apart this morning and remove the offending (offensive?) bearing and glides. I even know what to call them now. After a short drive to the appliance store and a bit too much money for such small parts the dryer is up and running quietly. I may however need to disassemble the vacuum now after filling it with all the lint that formerly resided in the dryer! The photos were VERY helpful. Thanks again.

Hey, that’s what we’re beer for… er, I mean, here for. Eh heh. Congrats on the repair!


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  1. J May

    Oh Great Samurai…

    We are so unworthy of your instruction. Imagine a normal everyday person able to fix their own appliance. Thank you so much for your site. It allowed me to fix my dryer and refrigerator today. My only difficulty was dealing with the appliance parts guy who did not believe I could actually know what I was doing. But with your wisdom behind me, I stood my ground and now I have dry clothes and cold beer. What more could anyone want…..

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