Roper Dryer Won’t Shut Off; dryer repair

melanie wrote:

Oh noble Samurai, how I love your website. It has already helped me fix my washer, now for the dryer….

Roper model REX3615EW1. Dries and dries, but never stops. Does not matter if it’s on timed dry or auto sense dry….goes and goes and goes…dries the clothes great and then some!

Following your gracious advice, we have THOROUGHLY cleaned the inner and outer duct work. It is directly vented to the outside through a proper vent.

Please help this poor grasshopper, she is truly tired of having to set an alarm clock to remind her to go shut the damn thing off!

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Ahh, grasshoppah, Bliss Supreme has come upon you this day for the Samurai has received your plaintive plea.

The reason your dryer never shuts off is because the timer has failed. The solution is simple: replace the timer. Easy job, plug n’ chug, a mere single mug on the world-famous SUDs-o-meter.


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  1. loopygolfer

    > i have roper dryer the timer went out so i ordered one online when it came in it looked different so i contacted the website i purchased it from and they assured me it was right one and will work just remove wiring plastic caps and just plug the plugs on to the prongs BAD IDEA so to make long story short i have correct timer now but have no clue which wire goes where the wire are colored but the replacement timer prong or Marked as A B C X etc the part number is W10185972 if you could somehow show me or direct me to an image of the timer hooked up i can take from the plz help me wife is on my ass and it aint good

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