Gas Dryer Fires Up Intermittently; dryer repair

Evie Hump wrote:

I have a question about my dryer. I have a Kenmore that is 3 years old. It has always worked very well, until now. In the last few days the gas does not always turn on. We can start it up, watch what we believe to be the glow plug light up and maybe 75% of the time the gas will start. The other times it does not and the glow plug goes off and after a bit it will try again. Most times it will not heat back up again. Any suggestions!



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gas dryer valve coils -- come git you some!

Turn on gas dryer,
flame comes on only sometimes.
Replace valve coils.


3 thoughts on “Gas Dryer Fires Up Intermittently; dryer repair

  1. RVG

    How easy is it to replace those valve coils? Do they just screw out and in?

    My Maytag gas dryer has stopped heating. The igniter heats up, but no gas comes out. And I cleaned the vent tube about a month or two ago.

  2. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Replacing the valve coils is mere child’s play. Once you lay eyeballs on the gas valve and coils, you’ll see that the coils are help on with a bracket. A simple screwdriver is all that’s needed to replace them. In case you need it, this page will help you disassemble enough of your dryer to access the valves.

  3. pennybob

    I am about to replace my valve coils on my Maytag MDG5500AWW after replaceing the high limit thermostat. My gas lights up the first time and sometimes a few times more. Then it does not turn the igniter and gas on at all. In other words, no clicking sound as part of the cycle. Will new valve coils solve this problem? How long should the gas stay lit?

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