Thermador Electric Wall Oven Won’t Bake; oven repair

Went on a service call the other day on a Thermador electric wall oven; complaint – no bake. Now, wall ovens can be tricky to troubleshoot and repair so I came ready for the worst-case scenario which would require me to remove the wall oven. I packed my All Dolly wall oven cart in my Fixite Do service van and off I went.

The problem turned out to be evident right off the bat. Following Samurai’s 6th Law of Appliance Repair, “Begin troubleshooting right at the problem,” I went right to the bake element for a look-see. And, oh my, whatta look-see it was:

Burned out Bake Element in a Thermador Electric Wall Oven (click for enlargement)

As you can see, this calrod heating element finally self-destructed. “But how?” you ask, intrepidly.

“No one knows,” I answer, sagaciously.

“But I thought you were the Samurai?” you exclaim, quizzically.

“Samurai-schmamurai,” I retort, sardonically, “just replace the element already.”

At which point, you click here, obediently.


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