Who Made my Kenmore?

Awwite now, Bubba, one thang you gotsta under-freakin’-stand is that Kenmore ain’t no manufacturer of appliances. Nawsir, “Kenmore” represents nothin’ more than a bunch of bureaucrats at Sears who sit around and write specifications of and haggle over the price for someone else to make their stuff for them. Period. There ain’t no “Kenmore” factory somewhere in Malaysia or anywhere else.

So, who makes Kenmore stuff? Well, lots o’ folks. You can tell by looking at the three digit number to the left of the decimal point in the model number. Did I slide that’n by y’too fast, Slick? Read it again: the three digit (that means individual numerals) number (that means sequence of digits) the left of (that means not to the right of) the complete model number (which is a big ol’ hairly long ace number).

Still confoosed, Grasshopper? Let’s take a ezzample. S’pose I gotsa Kenmore refrigerator (or “refirgerator” for the keyboard impaired) with a model number of 363.58097890 and I need to know who actually made that fridge. Well, using Figure 1, above, I look up the “363” portion of the model number and, lo, GE done made that fridge! It’s just like FM (freakin’ magic), ain’t it?


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