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Filomena wrote:

I have a Whirlpool gas dryer model # LGC8858EQ2 that isn’t working. It runs, but isn’t heating. I have replaced the gas valve, the thermostat, and the ignitor and still nothing. I can use some advice. I have two kids and one is a toddler with a disability and really need a working dryer.

Thanks for any advice you may give.



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The most important advice I can give you is Samurai’s Ichiban Law of Appliance Repair, “Never replace a part unless you have proof that it is bad.”

But people tell me, “Yo, Samurai, we don’t know how to test stuff and use those fancy instruments like you do, so how we gonna get the ‘proof,’ smart guy?”

Ah, grasshoppah, seek and ye shall find. But you gotta seek. And you gotta be honest with yourself about knowing what you know as well as what you don’t know. In the long run, you’ll save time and money, and you’ll gain the satisfaction of learning something, too (they say that continual learning is the key to avoiding old-age dementia).

Now, let’s apply these principles to fixing your dryer using the information freely and readily available on the Internet… like at this website, for instance. Easiest way to find the information you need ratcheer to fix your dryer is to do a site search using Yahoo!™. In your case, fer ezzample, I’d use a moderately specific search term such as, “gas dryer no heat.” Let’s pop that little gem into the Yahoo! site search box below:


and clicking the search button reveals this page-full of gas dryer repair wisdom.

What’s that you’re saying, “How ’bout makin’ them fancy electrical measurements, like they talk about on some of those pages pulled up by the Yahoo! site search?” Great question! It shows you’re really thinking. Let’s apply the search principles we’ve just learned to this new nugget of knowledge needed to complete our Illumination. Plugging the term electrical measurements into the Yahoo! search box gives this excellent and mercifully short primer on making simple electrical measurements, such as measuring resistance, voltage, and current.

I’d like to summarize the foregoing discussion with a haiku that I wrote just for you and rendered in traditional 5-7-5 meter:

Gas dryer won’t dry.

Shotgunned parts but still no joy.

Search Samurai’s site.


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