Fixed a Washer With Dad

I had the privilege of going on a job with my dad (the Samurai) last week. It was a stack laundry unit, and the washer wasn’t working. So we went to the lady’s house – it was a neat old Victorian house. We put on our booties (not our behinds, the things you put on your shoes to keep dirt off the floor) and she absolutely loved them. Probably three times she thanked us and said how thoughtful it was. We looked at the washer, pulled it out a bit, and scratched our heads as we thought about it. Then, the brilliant Samurai realized the circut breaker had tripped! Even though it was something simple, she was still honored that he could come out to look at her washer and respect her floor.

~~ Ivey ~~


3 thoughts on “Fixed a Washer With Dad

  1. Sensei Don


    We have a Whirlpool washer and my wife complained about the upper agitator not moving during washes. The lower part moved just fine.

    I did a Google search on “Whirpool, Agitator Repair” and came up with your site.

    Your photos and step by step guide on “How ’bout them dogs” was right on! Fixed my problem.

    Outstanding website!


    Sensei Don
    “Dog-ear Repairman Blackbelt”

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