Glorious Washer Repair

Just when I’m getting burned out from spending every waking moment working on this website and wearing my finger tips to bloody, boney stumps from answering posts in the repair forum, someone goes and sends me an email like this:

Carolyn wrote:

Dearest Samuraifolk(s)

Thank you ever so much for having such a wonderful, comprehensive, A-B-C, easy to read, plain old English, with links to picutres website with ANSWERS! When the washer wouldn’t spin&drain, we thought perhaps as long as we were gonna have to buy a new washer (why pay almost as much for an in home repair when we could get something more energy efficient) that we should have fun learning on the old “broken” washer. Clicking around led us to you. We found that the problem was a broken lid switch actuator, learned how to take the washer apart without ripping it off it’s moorings, found the broken bit, and know where to go to get a new bit, all for less than $10. What a wonderful thing, your website! Glorious, truely. We are so grateful to you. Really. A $10 part! And we know so much more, now!

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