Gas oven goes boom when starts

I have been having an issue w/ my Whirlpool gas oven , Model SF365BEY

I saw your posting regarding a manufacturing defect with the burner tube
Can you tell me if my model had this defect

Also I am very concerned – I have already had gas company replace the ignitor
Now I recently am hearing when I am cleaning mode the boom many many times – should I stop using this oven ? How dangerous could that be ?
Does it sound like the ignitor is broke again ?

Is it normal for it turn off and on like that so often ???

Thank you for your help in advance


One thought on “Gas oven goes boom when starts

  1. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    The other information I had posted on this pertained to Whirlpool’s DSI (direct spark ignition) range; there was a specific tech bulletin out on that range. Yours is simple hot surface ignition but it could have the same problem.

    Pull out the burner tube and clean it out thoroughly. If you see black soot built up inside the burner tube, there’s something wrong with the gas system– either it wasn’t converted correctly or there’s a fuel-air mixture problem. Also use a wire brush on the outside of the burner tube and make sure all the burner holes are clear of scale and debris.

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