Thank You

I used the website to fix my Kenmore side by side refrigerator and only needed to buy a 10 dollar part to do so. my compressor starter relay/capacitor/ shut off switch went bad and i replaced it with the universal supco part and it came right on. i then learned about the adaptive defrost that the unit has and how and why it works as i noticed the compressor was not coming on for a while and it was the result of the system cycling throught the defrost cycle. Lets put it this way. I am a senior mechanical engineering student with much background in mechanics, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics and this site helped me to problem solve very quickly. I found all the info on this site and will definately be back here when my other appliances go BOOM. Thanks All!!

I donated to the beer fund and feel good about saving money. i suggest you do the same if this site helped you. a buck or two aint going to kill ya. no i was not paid to say this. lol.

If i can help anyone out with a problem please email me as i am pretty good at trouble shooting.

Thanks again,
LTU_Engineer ME student


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