Pamper your Appliances!

Hello! Mrs. Samurai here to fill you in on a little-known ingredient to maximizing the effectiveness and longevity of your appliances – the right household products. The Samurai has been deep inside the innards of countless appliances over the years, and has seen a difference between those that are used with many of the common-brand detergents and those that are pampered with cleaners like the ones we use in our home. Our cleaners don’t leave any residue or grit in the appliances or piping, whereas a majority of other brands leave varying amounts of residue. The presence of this grit/residue causes excess wear-and-tear on many of the moving parts of washers and dishwashers, causing them to fail more quickly. In the case of washing machines, it’s also hard on your clothes.

There are lots of other advantages to the household products that we use. They are highly concentrated and thus very economical, they are human and pet friendly (hypoallergenic and nontoxic), and they are environmentally sound as well. Bottom line, though – they work great. And even better – they’ve just updated the products and put together a great Starter Kit to get you going. Click here to read more about your Appliance Care Kit!


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