KitchenAid / Kenmore Dishdrawers: Differences and Repair Manuals

KitchenAid (a Whirlpool brand) has been offering the popular dishdrawer-style dishwasher for several years now. They’re also sold under the Kenmore label. Prior to 2008, Fisher-Paykel manufactured the dishdrawers for KitchenAid; since 2008, KitchenAid has been sourcing them from Fulgor. IMHO, the Fulgor-built units (since 2008) are a much better design and more robust.

From the outside and from a user’s standpoint, both units appear very similar. But the units have profound differences in construction and design that affect troubleshooting, diagnosis, tear-down, and repair. So, if you’re working on one of these, it’s important to have the correct manual. Here’s how to tell the difference using the KitchenAid model number and links to the respective repair manuals:

– KUDD01 models [tech document KAD-9] are sourced from Fisher-Paykel
– KUDD03 models [tech document KAD-10 for “2008”] are sourced from Fulgor

A quick way to tell a difference between the two manufacturer sources without taking apart anything is by the wash arm. On the Fisher-Paykel-sourced units, the wash arm will lift right off without having to unscrew anything. On the Fulgor-sourced units, you’ll have to unscrew and remove a wash arm cap.

KitchenAid Dishdrawers
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