Dishwasher Installation Questions: Water Supply Line and Electrical Connections

Eli wrote:

I found and I believe I repaired the leak in my dishwasher. I am currently re-installing it. I did not remove it to work on it, which is why these questions may seem silly. Do I use teflon tape while installing the water inlet pipe to prevent leaks. Also, I have two wires in the connection coming from the wall, but three in the area where they connect to the dishwasher–what do I do with the extra wire? Thanks.

Sublime Master replies:

If your water supply line to the dishwasher has a compression fitting then no, no tape. If your talking about the elbow fitting that goes into the water valve it should have tape on the valve side only.

So you have 2 wires coming from your power source to the dishwasher and 3 wires coming out of the dishwasher? Should be black to black, white to white and green is your ground that connects to the dishwasher frame.

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