Samsung WF328AA Washer Giving a 3E and bE Error Codes

You go to start a small load of clothes in your Samsung washer and everything seems to start off fine– fills with water and even tumbles for a few seconds. Then something goes horribly, terribly wrong and the display screams a 3E error code and maybe even a bE just for extra torment.

So you find a happy place and put it into spin cycle, thinking the machine will heal itself (hint: they don’t). But, to your deepening sense of doom, you notice the drum doesn’t spin at anywhere near the full spin speed; it just seems to loligag around like a dead man walking.

What’s a grasshoppah to do?

Let us hearken and attend unto the pearls of wisdom on this very problem from Master Appliantologist john63 in the Samurai Appliance Repair Forums:

The Samsung washer model WF328 had been a source of grief for me until I learned a few details that are not widely known by *anyone*. Even Samsung parts dept folks.

Samsung redesigned the WF328 washer—mid-stride during it’s production run.

Models built **after** May 2009 had the DRAIN MOTOR ASSY moved from the rear of the washer to the front panel location.

The STATOR (motor) / ROTOR / HALL EFFECT SENSOR were also changed or redesigned and are NOT interchangeable. I DO NOT have specific/accurate data as to which serial numbers had the original STATOR / ROTOR / HALL SENSOR and which serial numbers got the newer components.

Whenever getting an error “3E”—-it is necessary to test the STATOR ASSY from the MAIN BOARD *CN9* plug connector.

CN9 resistance readings:
Pin 1 to Pin 2 = 11.6 ohms
Pin 1 to Pin 3 = 11.6 ohms
Pin 2 to Pin 3 = 11.6 ohms

If the ohms are “off”—remove the plug connector at the STATOR ASSY and inspect for corrosion or damage (add a small amount of dielectric grease to the plug).

Test the ohms at the STATOR ASSY…

If there’s even a slight variation of ohms—replace the STATOR ASSY & HALL EFFECT SENSOR.

You’ll absolutely need to contact *Samsung* and provide the full model & serial number so that the CORRECT parts are ordered.

***Be assertive and ask the parts representative at Samsung to quadruple-check that the parts are indeed the correct ones for your customer***

The older STATOR ASSY had the HALL EFFECT SENSOR already on it and was *not* removeable from the STATOR.

The newer STATOR ASSY is a different design and has a different HALL EFFECT SENSOR which is removeable/replaceable as a separate part.

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