GE Hydro Wave Washer Spins But Won’t Agitate and LED on Inverter Board Blinks Four Times

Skeeter wrote:

Got a GE washer Model #WHDSR316G2WW, the motor circuit board light blinks four times. I reset the board by lifting lid six times. I put it in spin and it spins fine then, when I put it into wash, it tries to agitate but what actually happens is the tub moves back and forth in stead of agitator. And the four blinks come back on the LED on the motor inverter board. If I repeat procedure, it will spin them it won’t agitate and the four blinks comes back. Does this mean a bad shaft and tube assembly? Thanks in advance for any advice

Yep, four flashes on the motor inverter board is a bad mode shifter, as explained in this post:

There is a plug with only two wires coming from the center of the drive tube/mode shifter assembly. Remove that plug from the motor inverter board and check for continuity, you will most likely find it open.

You’re gonna need to install a new shaft and mode shifter assembly kit, which includes a new tub seal. See this page for complete, illustrated destructions:

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