Daily Summary of Samurai’s Tweets, 2010-09-02

  • Summer Haze Hangs on – Mt. Sunapee from the Clarke Lookout http://post.ly/v14J #
  • Just another Samurai day at the office; I don't EVER wanna hear y'all complain about your working conditions! http://post.ly/v4jz #
  • Bosch SHU99 Dishwasher With a Mystery Leak Underneath, Somewhere on the Right-Hand Side, Making the Pump Run Constantly http://ow.ly/2ycwT #
  • Amana ALW480DAW washer: service manuals and tech sheets. Come and git 'em, Hoss! http://ow.ly/2ycDV #
  • Evening dip with The Oz Man at Little Lake Sunapee http://post.ly/v6nY #
  • Maytag Performa dryer chugging like a jackhammer. What part is most likely bad? http://ow.ly/2yfHq #

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