Installing a Retrofit Compressor Relay / Overload Kit on an Elderly Whirlpool Refrigerator

The original compressor relay/overload for some older model Whirlpool refrigerators, e.g., EB19AKXLNR0, is no longer available. So Whirlpool is using a universal relay/overload retrofit kit to replace it. The kit looks like this:

universal relay/overload retrofit kit for older model Whirlpool-built refrigerators
(click it to git it)

This kit also comes with a white wire tie, which is not shown in the picture. But I only mention this to tell you to ignore it.

To install the new relay/overload, just use the black wire ties and gang them together to make the required length to fit on the compressor. Route the wire ties around the front of the relay/overload, not the back. Make it nice n’ snug. And be sure to use a dab of the supplied thermal mastic paste between the relay and the compressor case. Good to go, sailor!

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