LG fridge LFC20740SW: How to Disassemble the French Doors to Tighten the Handles and How to Replace the Door Gaskets

Sublime Master of Appliantology john63 explains this procedure in the Samurai Appliance Repair Forums:

On the LG refrigerator model LFC20740SW—the DOOR HANDLES are removed by either grasping the HANDLE and pulling in an upward motion—about an inch.


I prefer to protect the bottom of the HANDLE with a piece of cardboard or rag and lightly tap the bottom with a small hammer. Once the DOOR HANDLE moves up about an inch or so—it can removed.

Using a 1/4 ” allen/hex key—tighten the two BOLTS that the DOOR HANDLE attaches onto.

If this fails to provide a snug fit–check:

1) That the DOOR HANDLES are re-installed properly—reverse of removal–but must be fully seated on the BOLTS on the door.

2) The INSERTS on the DOOR HANDLE is somehow damaged (not likely) and should be replaced. These are the metal pieces on the opposite side of the HANDLE which slips over & onto the door BOLTS.

The french door gaskets can *tear* if they lack lubrication.

Due to the fact that french door style refrigerators do not have a *center partition* like a side-by-side refrigerator—-the french door gaskets must seal **sideways**.

All french door refrigerator door gaskets should be checked for a slippery feel at this section of the gasket. Use FOOD GRADE SILICONE or VASELINE. Just a thin coating.

To replace the DOOR GASKETS—pull off the old gasket from the door until reaching the **sideways** section.

The plastic trim needs to be pulled off at this part of the door. Try to get your fingers into the leading rdge and pull until the plastic tabs “snap” and release.

Using a flat / slot screwdriver—-the two white locking tabs will need to forced out from their mounting holes. This is the most challenging part of removing the gasket.

If you get this far—let us know. There’s more to be aware of when installing the new gasket.

Here are the part links for the door gaskets:

Left door gasket

Right door gasket

To learn more about your refrigerator, or to order parts, click here.


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