Daily Summary of Samurai’s Tweets, 2010-09-13

  • Dacor ECD/ECS oven repair goodies: flow charts, fault codes, diagnostics, svc. bulletins and more: http://j.mp/aE6YRx #
  • Maytag Atlantis washer agitates & spins at the same time==>bad transmission. Crappiest washer ever made? http://j.mp/9cEdNM #
  • Hot dayyam! A perfectly-baked corn casserole goin’ down tonight… http://post.ly/xBNT #
  • GE Harmony washer WPGT9360 makes loud clicking noise while agitating intermittently. What’s a brutha to do? Do dis: http://ow.ly/2D8oG #
  • True song randomizing in iPods: finally, a cause worth fighting for! http://post.ly/xDEW #
  • Kenmore top-loading washer overfilled. Check the air tube on the pressure switch in the control console. http://j.mp/dCuxF0 #

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