Whirlpool/Kenmore Cabrio and Maytag Bravo washers throwing the vexing “oL” error code, even when unloaded

The “oL” error code in the Cabrio and Bravo washers means the motor is sensing an overload (“oL”) condition.  While this could indicate a problem with the motor, it usually doesn’t.  Most of the time, you’ll see this error code when one of two things is going on:

1) There’s a piece of clothing stuck between the inner basket and outer tub.

2) The tub is not floating freely, usually because it’s seized to the drive shaft by rust and crudus; FYI: this condition is almost always caused by using non-HE detergent in this washer– see this post for more info about using non-HE detergents in these high efficiency washing machines.  Also, be aware that, if this is the case, it can be very difficult to remove the basket from a badly corroded drive shaft, could even be a two-man job.  And be careful you don’t wrench your back!

In either case, you’re gonna need to do some tear-down to remove the inner basket.  This video will help you with that.


To learn more about your washer or to order parts, click here.


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