How to put your Whirlpool Duet gas dryer into diagnostic test mode to help troubleshoot it

Example model number: WGD9550WL

Diagnostic mode is your first kata when you’re doing battle with a weird problem with this dryer, such as stopping mid-cycle. These dryers have so much electronic ca-ca in ’em that it’s hard to troubleshoot without running the test mode. So, here’s the keyboard dance:


1. Be sure the dryer is in standby mode (plugged in with all indicators off,
or with only the Done indicator on).

2. Select any one button (except Pause/Cancel and Controls Lock/ Unlock)
and follow the steps below, using the same button (remember the button):
a. Press/hold 2 seconds.
b. Release for 2 seconds.
c. Press/hold 2 seconds.
d. Release for 2 seconds.
e. Press/hold 2 seconds.

3. If this test mode has been entered successfully,
all indicators on the console are illuminated for 5 seconds
with 8:88 showing in the Estimated Time Remaining three digit display.

If there are no saved fault codes or active fault codes,
all indicators on the console will momentarily turn off,
then stay on with 8:88 displayed.

Opening the door should cause a beep and
an alphanumeric number (such as P:3 ) to be displayed.

Closing the door should cause a beep and 8:88 to be displayed.


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