Appliance repair service manuals on request via Twitter… FREE!

This is a shameless and experimental Twitter promotional campaign. Here’s how it works:

● Go to If you have an account, log in; otherwise, create a free new account.

Follow me on Twitter; my Twitter username is @fixitnowsamurai. This is important because if you don’t follow me, I can’t get the manual to you as explained below. Here’s my Twitter page:

● Send a tweet to @fixitnowsamurai requesting the service manual you need. Just send one tweet– don’t worry, I’ll get it. Be sure to include your complete model number; no model number, incomplete model number, bad model number = no manual. Model number help here: NOTE:Sending multiple, repetitive tweets is unnecessary, obnoxious, and will delay getting a manual.

● If I have the manual (and I usually do), I’ll send you the download link via direct message on Twitter.

That’s it!

We’ll see how this works out. If it turns into a big headache for you or me, that’ll be the end of this brave new ‘spearmint. But I’m hoping this will turn out to be one of those synergistic, symbiotic kinda deals. If this works out, I have other plans in mind that I think you’ll like. 😉


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