Tips for running test mode on LG washing machines

Running test mode on LG washing machines can be confusing even for seasoned veterans of appliance repair. Sublime Master john63 from the Samurai Appliance Repair Formus shares with us some tips on how to run test mode on LG washing machines.

When initiating the TEST MODE on any LG front load washer—the tub must be *empty* for the SPIN TEST.

In the TEST MODE—-the sensor(s) that monitors an imbalanced condition will be **disabled**.

If the TEST MODE is intiated and there’s laundry in the tub during the *SPIN TEST*— the tub will spin violently.

The *correct* method for testing a SPIN CYCLE with laundry would be:

1) Load Laundry in Tub / Close Door

2) Power “On”

3) Press SPIN SPEED button (maximum speed setting)

4) Press “START” button

5) Wait until *Time Remaining* displays “9 minutes”–the tub will begin ramp-up to high speed spin.

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